Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lil Bits O Random...

Remember that I posted my love for the Swagger Wagon song? Yup, still love it. BONUS: Found out you can download the mp3 for free from the nice funky folks over at Toyota. Already have it added to my running playlist!

Oh, you want it too? Ok, go HERE to download it. Caution: may make you laugh when you are supposed to be exercising and focusing on your breathing. Just sayin.

Remember that I said I was freezing a pair of stinky shoes in the hopes that it would kill the stench-causing bacteria? Don't bother trying it. Could hardly tell a difference on the ole stink-o-meter. What DID work? Setting those stinky shoes out in the sunshine. Ahhhh, back to un-stinky feet and shoes!

Remember that I mentioned Destructo Boy peeled a cute space-ship wall decal off his wall? Well, he struck again. This time it was a cute robot decal that is now disemboweled, dismembered AND decapitated with it's sad body parts stuck in random spots all over Bubbalu's room. So much for a quiet, rejuvenating nap time. Good thing those decals were clearance items. Goodness gracious.

Oy, off to pick robot parts off the walls...


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  1. love the swagger wagon. i may just have to dl it! and rip the cute robot!

  2. Did you try stuffing newspaper in them? I did this with some of Shep's shoes that were RANK.

    By chance were they black shoes? My feet usually dont' stink but black shoes bring out the nasty in them.


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