Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wearing Maternity Clothing While NOT Pregnant, Episode 2...

I had to laugh at all of your comments in reply to my Maternity clothing question from yesterday. So, I'm NOT alone! Some of you DO have some cute maternity clothes that pass for "regular" wear.

However, most of my Facebook friends stated that they don't wear ANY maternity clothing items when not pregnant.

I must admit, wearing maternity clothing while not actually pregnant is a gamble.

  • Secondly, someone might suspect that you actually ARE pregnant. However, my style consultant has let me in on a little secret: If someone IS pregnant, they try to HIGHLIGHT their belly....if someone IS NOT pregnant, they try to HIDE it. Good to know. ( And I never never NEVER ask if someone is pregnant unless I am assisting them while they deliver their baby. You shouldn't ask either.)
  • Thirdly, maternity clothing might actually make you look BIGGER. You need to have an in depth discussion with a good full length mirror before trying this. Also, you might want to enlist the opinion of a friend or ( if he has good taste and will actually answer HONESTLY) a husband.
  • Fourthly, Get to know your seam ripper and take those incriminating tags OFF your Maternity clothing!
There, those are my rough guidelines.

My biggest reason for choosing to wear some maternity clothing while not pregnant is that over the past four years maternity clothing was the cutest, newest, and most stylish clothing I purchased....strike that, the ONLY clothing I purchased.

Our clothing budget last year was a big fat $0.00 and I had to improvise. Which is why I hauled my Maternity clothing stash up the stairs to my sewing room and started cutting and resewing them....all sassified, of course, and taken in on the side seams so I didn't LOOK pregnant.

Refashioning Maternity (or any other) clothing can be tricky and at times frustrating, but in the case of a low budget with a splash of creativity...it's a perfect fit.


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  1. Speaking of maternity clothes...I have a question for you. Did you every sassify your maternity clothes?? I'm 5 months pregnant and starting to feel BIG (although, I know I have a ways to go...). Any thoughts on looking cute while pregnant would be appreciated! I 'm not sure how I found your blog but I enjoy reading it!


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