Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Travel Trailer Makeover, Part 2: Before Tour...

OK, before I delve much deeper into this blog series we should do a formal BEFORE you can see the differences AFTER the project posts!

Hi there, how are you? Meet our newest family member:

Her name is Lumi (Loooo - Rhymes with 'Moo'....Me - Rhymes with, uh, 'Bee').

She's a new extra light travel trailer with bunk beds and bathroom in back, front queen bedroom and a large tip out.

This pic was taken while were going on our maiden voyage....err, campage trip this Memorial Day weekend.....and it's about 8 AM....and I am sleeping in my cozy bed. The kiddos were WAY too excited to go to bed at any sort of normal time and had also been up a few times that night (They still think that going potty in the trailer is a fun novelty)... and then woke up super early.  Super fun times!  My hubby, in my best interest and playing a strong offensive move in the game of crabby wife, gifted me with a few extra hours to sleep in and took the kiddos fishing. Smart man :)

And check it out, they were successful! Lil Chick was less than thrilled about the slimy fish. Look at her facial expressions:

Back to the tour. Here is the floor plan of our Passport 2650BH Travel Trailer:

Walk in the front door and you are looking into the main living area. Here are the before pics of the Dinette, Couch and Wallpaper:

Oh yes, the weird tacked down curtains and cornice top thingys as well.

Next up, turn to your right and you see the main bedroom:

4 inch foam mattress, blah divider curtains, more weird curtains, ho hum bedding, no sheets and also a "headboard". Yes, I'll put that in quotations.  It's an OK room, just not my style!

Next you turn to the left and you see the kitchen:
Lots o' wallpaper and another window cornice.

Lastly, head to the back and you see the bunks:

No, these are not the same pic :)  CLOSE. But not the same. Notice they have blinds. Not quiet cellular shades, but loud, scare you awake when you bump them in the middle of the night, blinds.  Also, looooong pull strings. Um, choking hazard? Yes. My Bubbalu would use them for some sort of mischief. That's for sure.  Took those down right away.

So. What have we learned today?

1. Amanda likes
2. Amanda likes to make collages with
3. Lil Chick doesn't like slimy fish
4. Tour of Lumi is complete
5. My Hubby is smart :)

Next post, new fabric choices!

Whatcha up to today? I'll be busy today sewing a casual summer dress for Lil Chick. We have a large family photo session with my Hubby's family coming up soon and she needs some new sassyness.

Also, my Bubbalu finished preschool yesterday! I can't believe he's ready for kindergarten in the fall. And.....summer vacay from school has now begun. This Mama will most definitely be surfing Pinterest for summer entertainment ideas! My cousin Maria introduced me to the idea of busy bags and I am LOVING THEM. Such a good idea.

See y'all soon-

Amanda- Vintage Dutch Girl

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  1. I can't WAIT too see what you do to the trailer! We are borrowing a motor home for the summer, and if we end up buying it you can bet there will be some crafting going on around here, the whole inside of everything is brown. I will stand by, waiting for the brilliance to be posted!

  2. Even though I've already seen it in all it's glory IN PERSON, it was still fun to check out the tour! =) Can't WAIT to see what you've done with the place....and maybe enjoy a cocktail or two on our summer camping trip in the luxury of your air conditioned glamified Lumi! =)

  3. We just bought a 26-ft. travel trailer this morning! The curtains and brown upholstery have got to go!! Will be working on a similar makeover starting in about 10 days.

  4. How did you get the window cornice thingys off the wall.


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