Friday, October 25, 2013

Travel Trailer Makeover, Part 9: Bunk Beds and Windows

Pigs are flying, we finally made it to Part 9 of the Travel Trailer Makeover Series: the Bunk Beds and Windows!

I really decided to abandon the idea of color matching the entire trailer and instead customized the bunks to each kiddo.  Here is what the trailer bunks looked like right from the dealership:

Rather boring, pretty dull. Ruffly curtain in hunter green leaf patter...well. I WANTED to burn it but kept it for possible future resale purposes.

There was too much beige going on in those bunks. I like COLOR.  Back to fabric shopping! I still used premier prints fabric because I LOVE it. I had a few ideas of fabric patterns and combinations but let each kid pick their color and pattern.

Bubbalu chose a navy and orange chevron and coordinating stripes print, Lil Chick picked chocolate brown and light pink elephants and a coordinating polka dots print:

Yeah. Those don't really match. At all. Oh well! It's COLOR.

Also, I decided that in order for me to be able to get away with sneaking into the kitchen area of the trailer at night and eating chocolate necessitated some sort of privacy screen or curtain.

I used a tension rod and these little stick and screw on holders designed for shower curtain rods to hang a polka dot curtain:

I made a tie-back thingy out of the chevron multicolor fabric and velcro, then just screwed it into the side of the bunk bed. Is this a permanent fixture? With my kids? Probably not. How do I know this? Because they have already hung on the curtain and pulled it down.


So, the picture above is ALMOST the same, just imagine that the curtain tension rod has a large dent in and is no longer straight. Then yes, it's the same.

For Bubbalu's bunk I make him reversible curtains and valance so that I can change it out if I ever feel like it...and bonus, I didn't think about or notice it until after I was done with the redo but you can see them from the outside and they are cute!

Lil Chick got pink, pink and some more pink.  And some chocolate brown. And polka dots. And cute elephants. Same deal as Bubbalu, reversible everything:

I also decided to do sheets and blanket instead of sleeping bags because I envisioned kids wiggling during sleep and those slippery sleeping bags sliding off the bunks onto the floor with the kiddos in them! So. I cut down sheets and made a custom bunk sized fitted bottom sheet and top sheet with a fitted end (so it would NOT pull out of the bottom).

I was out shopping for trailer stuff and saw the madras plaid and the pink and brown polka dot blanket and pillowcase sets on super clearance!  WITH an extra % off coupon....Score!! I was shocked - Lil Chick's blanket is a PERFECT match color and polka dot size/spacing! I was so excited!

I'm thrilled with the infusion of color and each kiddo feels like they have their own special space.  Add in some tote bins in the very back of the bunks and you have a mini playroom as well! The kids LOVE playing or reading in their bunks. And Mama gets to sneak chocolate late at night. Everyone is happy happy happy! :)

So, here is the official Before and After shot of the bunk bed portion of my Travel Trailer Makeover:

I think this is the last tutorial/talk through of the Travel Trailer Makeover series! Goodness gracious it only took me like 14 months to do 9 posts! Yay me! I should get a bloggy professional procrastinator award or something.

Maybe I can make it an even 10 and do the full trailer walk-through. Yep. I'll do that. In a few months or so.

THANK YOU for joining me on my Travel Trailer Makeover Series! I hope you have been inspired to add a little sass and custom style and COLOR into your travel trailer or RV!

Amanda - Vintage Dutch Girl

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  1. Great ideas would love to chat with you about mine. I do not have a sewing machine so I should ask for one for Christmas. HA ha.
    So how did you recover the headboard in the bedroom??

  2. Hey what great tips. My 5th wheel is in desperate need of help I would love to chat to you. So how did you redo the headboard in the master or did you just get rid of it? I took of my wallpaper but mine is a 2003 and I am having a hard time with the sticky stuff.

  3. Amanda, I love your trailer! We have a 2002 trailer and I told my hubby just yesterday that I was going to make a slipcover for the sofa. It never crossed my mind to cover those brocade valances! You have inspired me! I only hope I can choose fabrics that are as cheerful as yours! Great job!

  4. Wow! Mind blown. I'm just shopping for a trailer now and I'm so depressed by the ugly fabric everywhere. Have read every single one of your posts and I'm so inspired! Thanks for sharing all of it!

  5. thank you so much for Sharing! i have a 2014 keystone passport and i am doing a significant makeover as well. Going for a 50-60s vibe with white cabinets. changing out curtains and removing cornicis. would love to get your imput :-)

  6. That's pretty darn cute, Amanda...I may just have to walk over fir a tour ;-D

  7. I would love to get the details for the curtains. I need to do this in my trailer. I have a 2003 with a bunk house.

  8. Thank you so much for taking time to "document" all of the reno for your trailer! So many awesome ideas. Thanks!!!!

  9. Amanda, I am in TT heaven! We recently purchased a 2009 Passport Ultra Lite and yours is the FIRST reno that I have seen featuring a Passport! This might not be a big deal to some but, when trying to update, other make/models are sooo different inside that more often than not the ideas just don't work. Since I don't sew I did more bedding purchases than not but, I am happy with the beginning results. Thanks so much for the detail and pics.


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