Thursday, August 22, 2013

Travel Trailer Makeover, Part 8: Master Bedroom and Privacy Curtains...

We have, er HAD, two ceiling to floor plain dark beige curtains instead of doors to separate and give privacy to the queen bed area from the main part of the trailer:

Just like the shower curtain project, they are attached at the top with glide tracks and glide tape sewn to the top edge of the fabric.

Glide tape is flexible plastic strips with little clips every 6 inches or so:

So, I pulled out the fabric and got to work.  The curtains were simple to design, just rectangles with hemmed edges.  I just copied the original beige curtain measurements. Actually, I added in more yardage width wise so it hung nicer and not so stretched flat.

For attaching the glide tape: Using a zipper foot on your sewing machine, set your (hefty upholstery size) needle to a side position:

and sew along the top and bottom of the plastic glide tape strip directly onto the top inside of your fabric:


I just snapped the holders into place along the glide strips. See how the extra yardage made those pretty ruffles? (Please don't tell my hubby I said "pretty" and "ruffles" to describe Lumi our trailer in any way shape or form.)

In order for the curtains to hang nicely I pulled a 'use what you have' trick and put fishing weighs in the corners of the curtains and safety pinned them into place:

The previous velcro tie backs were fixed to the wall with a special screw so I just replaced the blah fabric with chocolate brown, the same fabric that I used to recover the valances. (See valance project HERE.)

Add to that a new mattress (yeah, um, the trailer came with a 4 inch thick "mattress" to sleep on. Nope. Nada. Not happening. We spend A LOT of time camping.) and new bedding and the master bedroom area is looking very nice! Ahhh, it felt good to see nice fun colors and have the trailer looking more like us!

And if "by us" that means a wild and crazy mix that happens to blend, then YES, it looks more like us :)

Reminder of what this space looked like: Bedroom and side curtains BEFORE:

And now: Bedroom and side curtains after!

Next will be the last post in this series: the Bunk Beds! Oooh my FAVE part of this project!

Amanda - Vintage Dutch Girl

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  1. Great updates! Everything looks so fun and vibrant and cozy!

  2. Love the fabric that you chose! I'm in the middle of redoing our camper, which is from 1995, so it needed paint and fabric- lots of it. I can't wait to go off camping and enjoy a little outdoor time this time of year.

  3. Once again, you did a fabulous job. Great tutorial - you make it look easy! :)

  4. I love the new curtain but am I the ONLY one who thought....'a curtain, really?? into the master bedroom?? how about a DOOR???' ;)
    ya, I guess I can't say much b/c this lame mama has an accordion door in HER trailer master bedroom!
    gag. ugly. nasty and SOOOOO NOT PRIVATE!!!

    now that you know entirely TOO much about my camping, er, habits.....

    anywho, back on the topic at hand..................this STINK'IN DARLING!!!! kudos girl....another HOMERUN!
    (what are the chances you can Purdy up my hideously looking, um, door?? everyone and I mean EVERYONE would appreciate it! ;))

    p.s. I missed you this morning. I kept waiting for my little punk to show up with her sticker book, ready to make me more bookmarks for my bible. ;)

    1. I have basically the same configuration into the Master. I have sliding wood doors.I guess pocket doors is what they're called. Looks very nice from the living area.

  5. i would love to chang my mini blinds to curtains but i dont know how to hang them do i use regular curtain rods or something else..

  6. Finding your blog must be an omen. Today we bought our first rv! It is a 1986 class C Ford Coachmen and it really needs some work and a lot of love. I don't know where to start. I am going to sneak up on this, a little at a time. Wish me luck!
    Sheila (in Minnesota)

  7. We have just purchased this exact camper (our bunk area is different)...but same exact lay out and all the same decor! I was so happy to find your site to see some changes! Question?? Was the headboard hard to remove? I didn't see that mentioned in the Master Bedroom post.


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