Thursday, June 7, 2012

Travel Trailer Makeover, Part 3: Bright, Bold and Beautiful Fabric...

I was on another trailer stuff gathering shopping excursion and found my first color inspiration piece.  It was super late at night and I had left the kiddos at home with my Hubby...didn't really want to repeat the poo accident episode.

So, I'm walking through the world of Wally and saw this pillow....and Ka-Chow! another light bulb moment!

This pillow really helped me decide what my final colors would be.  Within a few days later I had ordered a large amount of fabric up for consideration.

My main fabric choice was this Premier Prints funky chevron number:

This premier prints Zoom-Zoom Village Blue was the perfect fit for designing a fresh, YOUNGER, modern style for my trailer sassification project. And the rest of my design board:

Also, for the bunk beds I decided to personalize their curtains and bedding. The fabric design board for their bunks:

Orange and navy chevron zigzag and stripes for Bubbalu on the left, pink elephants and chocolate brown polka dots for Lil Chick on the right.

ALL fabrics are the Premier Prints brand, purchased at I am in LOVE with Premier Prints fabrics. They have wonderfully modern, fresh, bright prints for home decor. I've been extremely happy with them! Also, they are super inexpensive. We're talking like $7.50 a I can change my mind often and it's totally OK.  Click HERE to see all that's available, if you dare!

Oh, did I also mention? Spend $35 and you get FREE SHIPPING. Awesomesauce.

Next up in the series: sticky, yucky wallpaper removal - UGH....

Amanda - Vintage Dutch Girl

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  1. You've inspired me to try purchasing fabric online and I'm about to order a bunch for baby bedding but I'm nervous. Have you found's colors to be true? I'm so used to feeling it all, laying everything out, switching things around, deliberating, admiring...etc.
    Hopefully you can reassure me. ;)


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