Monday, June 25, 2012

Travel Trailer Makeover, Part 6: New Dinette! Recover those cushions!

OK yes, this travel trailer factory direct diamond pattern fabric has GOT to go. I decided to attack the entire dinette cushion recovering in one day. Because that's how I do things. Nothing for a loooooong time then a huge flurry of activity. Remind you of my blogging schedule!? :)

So yes, these cushions:

 From this dinette:

Five cushions to recover, including two rather oddly shaped triangular corner cushions. Hoo boy. This is gonna be a big job.

First off I took off the old covers and measured every single bit of them to draw up my cushion patterns. Then I cut out the flat panel patterns from the chevron fabric.....taking pains to make sure the colors and zig-zags lined up appropriately with the other cushions. And making sure the fabric wasn't upside down.

Because if it IS upside down you may waste a good yard or so of fabric. {Ahem}

I had to seriously muscle the foam into some of these covers but wanted to make sure they were a snug fit.  I bought a cover button pack and covered them in parts of the chevron fabric. I used a long, upholstery size needle (see pic) to thread the button strings through the thick foam. Once again, lots of muscle used! My forearms were super sore the next day!

And now, confession time: I did NOT want to struggle with putting fancy, neat zippers on these five cushions so instead I closed up the openings with safety pins :)  Once again, saved a ton of time, and they are all hidden inside the dinette frame anyways!

All in all I was very pleased with how these came out. MUCH more fresh and fun. Here you go, the finished dinette makeover:
 And the before/after side by side shot:

Quite a difference, right!?

Next up: the dreaded COUCH project. OY.

Amanda - Vintage Dutch Girl

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  1. OK, can you enter this in a cute camper contest or something? Cuz I think you'd win! :)

  2. This is so great Amanda I just love it!

  3. wow... great..

  4. Dude...I miss your posts! :) Hope you're doing well!

  5. Have you redone your couch yet? I'm about to redo the same kind of dinnette...How long did it take you?

  6. Awesome! I'm just about to recover my exact same dinnette? How long did this take you? Have you finished the couch yet?

  7. I'm about to be recovering my U shaped dinnette as well, yours looks fabulous! I know this post is quite old, but I wonder how your premier print fabric held up. has sooo many cute prints, but in my experience upholstery fabric usually costs (approximately) one gazillion dollars a yard, and their stuff is such a steal.

  8. I am getting ready to recover very similar seats in our camper. How hard were the triangle ones to cover as we have two and I have been a bit stymied as to how to do it.

    1. Did you end up doing yours? I have the same curved corner cushions and I'm just wondering how to attack it.

  9. I can't figure out the triangular pieces. I kept one cover intact so I could see how it went back together but I'm still not able to figure it out.

  10. Do you remember how many yards of fabric you used?

  11. This is the same configuration of cushions I have to deal with.
    I don't know if I could nail like you did.


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